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About Dokita

Dokita is a global Telehealth service company that allows users connect with board-certified and licensed doctors, therapist, and specialists, at low-cost, for on-demand online medical consultations. Our aim is to provide immediate and secure access to our vast network of qualified healthcare providers at anytime, anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to improve the quality, affordability, and accessibility of healthcare throughout the world.

Our Mission

Dokita247, Inc. mission is to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare services. Our robust Telehealth system is designed to meet the ever changing demands of life’s impacts, to deliver high-quality and affordable healthcare to the medically underserved around the world. This is  achieved through the following means:

Bridging the gap between patients and providers

Dokita registered users can search for and receive online medical visits or request home care services from our many qualified health providers, by video, phone, web and sms/text. Users can securely obtain their medical records at anytime from anywhere, to help fast-track the diagnostic and treatment process, to get them back to their normal healthy lifestyles.

Implementing a provider authentication protocol

By implementing stringent provider authentication protocol, Dokita ensures the integrity and professionalism of its provider network as well as the safety of its users. All providers are vetted and credentialed prior to account activation, in order to perform medical consults on any of Dokita wholly products and services. Not limited to, below are some of the information Dokita gathers and reviews about our providers:

  • Medical license (board certifications)
  • Malpractice history
  • Training and work history
  • Criminal records
  • DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration license/certificate)
  • CDS (Controlled and Dangerous Substances) certificate
  • Multiple identification numbers such as Medicaid, NPI, Medicare, NHIF, etc.
  • Any other state or country medical licenses
  • Malpractice insurance certificate
Establishment of the DokitaCoin fostering networking and collaboration among allied interests in medicine and technology

With its establishment of the Dokita health coin (Dokitacoin), representing the Decentralized Autonomous Telehealth Atlas (DATA) the Dokita tokens will promote cooperation and/or collaborations between, doctors looking to collaborate with other professionals (peer-to-peer), physicians looking to expand their patient base, HMO’s and other insurers looking to purchase patient data and individuals and or philanthropists looking to donate healthcare services to those in need.

Promoting research, innovation and education

Facilitating academic research is critical to the growth of telemedicine and an important mission of Dokita. Our aim is to partner with the leading academic institutions worldwide promoting telemedicine-related peer-reviewed innovations to provide our users with the latest and most relevant products and techniques in the field.

Providing a platform for learning and continuing education

Our platform will provide an opportunity for healthcare providers worldwide to acquire updated skills thereby creating the basis for assuring uniform quality in the delivery of remote healthcare services. Activities such as the creation of practice guidelines and standards, accompanied by the development of individual credentialing programs and work with accreditation bodies help guarantee the best healthcare, regardless of location, to payers and consumers.

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